The next supporters visit to Tamil Nadu will take place from 29th January to 12th February 2020.

This is a real view of India, a completely authentic experience. Our tour offers a unique insight into the charity, exciting adventures with city tours and a warm welcome from our partners in India. With inside knowledge of the areas we stay in and a personal connection to the charity, the Salt of the Earth supporters tour is a fantastic way to see Southern India.

From the minute you step off the plane, you are in expert hands. You’re driven everywhere by our wonderful drivers and are well and truly looked after. Each tour is tailored to the needs and capabilities of the group. Our wonderful volunteer tour guides, husband and wife duo Paul and Billie, are there to guide you through your new and exciting experience.

See projects up and running, witness real change and go on a journey like no other.

The price of £1250 per person (not including flights) pays for your accommodation, transport, excursions and various evening meals. You will stay at various hotels (including a beach resort), visit our partner organisations and experience tours of Chennai and Bangalore. Join us on this trip of a lifetime and see first hand the work we are funding.

For more information : 2020 Visit Tour Itinerary and Promo Flyer

This is a real view of India, a completely authentic experience
— Billie, Voluntary Tour Guide