The aim of the scheme is to provide mid-to-long-term assistance to a deprived rural poor village with a population of 2,000 to 4,000. This will provide core assistance, as well as specialised support to the village.

For an annual fee of £1,500 you can directly impact the lives of families within a particular community in Tamil Nadu. Through your donations, our partners provide a variety of services to the village. This could include mobile health clinics and medicine, dental and eye check-ups, women’s literacy classes and after-school extracurricular programs.

Your donation can also help to improve schools, provide cooking equipment and clear toxic waste surrounding villages.

Our partners in India complete a needs analysis on each village and identify the areas in most desperate need of support and development. Village sponsorship schemes can be paid by individuals, groups of friends, colleagues and societies and act as an innovative way for companies to make an annual contribution to charity. 

As a village sponsor, you’ll receive a welcome pack with details of the village you support and regular updates and photographs on how your money is supporting those in need. We can provide certificates for homes and offices if sponsors wish to have one on display. SOTE’s village sponsorship scheme changes lives, but we need your help.