Pavithra is 6 years old and lives in Pathakotte village with her mother, father, two younger brothers and grandmother. 


This year Pavithra has received support from SOTE as part of our child sponsorship scheme – she is now able to attend school on a daily basis and is in much better health. The community aspect of the scheme has also benefitted her family members - her father, who previously suffered from an alcohol addiction, has stopped drinking after attending MASARD’s alcohol education programme. As a result, her father is now able to work more and thus earn more money to support the family. Through MASARD’s livelihoods work, Pavithra’s grandmother received two goats, which she is now using to create an income for the family.


SOTE’s sponsorship scheme not only provides children with the opportunity to access education, but also supports family members to improve their own lives, in turn benefitting children just like Pavithra.

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