Kavitha’s situation was very different two years ago. She lived with her alcoholic mother who didn’t take care of her. Unfortunately, this was the situation for most other children in her village. These children spent their days roaming around without supervision and begging outside temples for money and rice.

Now, thanks to the support of SOTE’s child sponsorship programme, children like Kavitha are able to attend school on a daily basis. Mothers are learning the value of education for their children and are interested in their progress and achievements.

Kavitha’s mother has also been able to turn her life around. This is thanks to the alcohol education programme delivered by CARE as part of SOTE’s community aspect of the sponsorship scheme. She no longer drinks alcohol or goes begging. Instead she works as a cook for CARE, preparing snacks and packed lunches for the children. Like many other parents in the community she is learning what she can achieve without a dependence on alcohol. 

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