Devi, Health Warrior

When Devi was enrolled in a six-month health training course designed to help poor women learn about how their body function, hygiene, nutrition, cleanliness, and treatment for minor ailments, she had no idea how much it would ultimately impact her life. SOTE have been funding the implementation of various life changing health projects in the villages of Tamil Nadu. Here is what Devi had to say about her experience.


“I enrolled in the health training because I’ve always liked to learn about how our body functions. Besides, I was also keen to learn about nutrition so that I could provide food with healthier option for my family. And believe me, I did learn a lot.”


“This experience has changed my eating habits and my approach to preparing healthy food. We eat lots of greens, fruit, and other vegetables now. Washing vegetables before cooking, covering the food after cooking and keeping the kitchen clean are some of the crucial tips I gathered.


“During my younger days, to talk about menstruation was a taboo. But, after the training, we openly discuss about menstruation and how cleanliness is a must to my daughter who is 11 years old. Keeping her body clean, washing hands after the use of washroom, wearing clean clothes, avoiding snacks are some of the advice I have given my daughter.


“Most of the members have built toilets after the training. Otherwise, it was a risky affair to step out of the house in the night, especially during the raining season. 


“Another tip that I gathered during the training is of taking advantage of herbal plants and herbal medicines for curing simple ailments. The training has been very useful  and  I advise my neighbours to treat cold, cough and fever with available herbal plants. 


“The change has been remarkable – we all talk free to our daughters; we all grow herbal plants. Previously I only knew that I could adorn my hair with hibiscus flower. However, now I know the advantages and why it is called the Queen of Herbal plants,” Devi ends positively. 

SOTE Admin