Health Projects

Salt of the Earth fund multiple life changing development projects in Tamil Nadu. Our partner organisations in India identify needs and implement change. Together, we have affected the lives of over a million people.

We believe that the implementation of health projects is a fundamental step in improving the lives in rural communities. The health awareness programmes funded by SOTE are teaching communities about the human body and the importance of hygiene. Women’s Self Help Groups are undergoing basic first aid training and villages are being provided with first aid kits, revolutionizing communities understandings of their bodies and health.

Salt of the Earth (SOTE) funds the implementation of mobile health clinics in the hard to reach villages in Tamil Nadu. Through the purchasing of two jeeps, doctors are able to visit communities and provide health check-ups at no cost to the community.  Patients are prescribed local homeopathic drugs free of charge and are checked for diabetes and hypertension at specialized camps.

Eye check-up’s are being implemented through mobile camps, conducting cataract surgeries and providing glasses to those in need. SOTE also oversees the running of mobile dental clinics, providing free dental check-up’s and surgeries to rural communities.

Programmes for adolescent girls are under way in schools, teaching young women about their bodies and the importance of hygiene. SOTE also funds a separate project that specifically addresses the problem of anaemia amongst teenage girls.

Throughout the years, SOTE has funded over 50,000 eye operations, provided prosthetic limbs for the disabled, funded physiotherapy sessions in schools and built communities for people with leprosy, who were previously ostracized from society.

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