Environmental Preservation Projects

Salt of the Earth fund multiple life changing development projects in Tamil Nadu. Our partner organisations in India identify needs and implement change. Together, we have affected the lives of over a million people.

Over the years, SOTE have funded the planting of over 200,000 trees throughout the villages of Tamil Nadu. The presence of trees in Southern India increases the likelihood of rain, provides shade and decreases the local temperature; helping to reduce the effects of climate change. Planting trees also offers a natural defence against droughts and floods, enriches soils, safeguards natural habitats, provides food and ensures a safer future for local people.

SOTE oversees the implementation of kitchen garden projects, providing communities with the facility to grow their own food and herbal medicines. Families no longer have to travel long distances for food and have a sense of nutritional security.

Water purification programmes are under way, providing safe drinking water for families and clean water for the environment. Training programmes teach communities how to grow and sustain plants and the importance of disposing of waste correctly.

Through our environmental projects, SOTE responds to the sometimes devastating climatic effects of environmental crises. In the past, we have raised £500,000 to provide relief following the 2004 tsunami and have previously funded the implementation of water tankers and reservoirs to mitigate the effects of drought.

Tamil Nadu is in direct threat of climate change. Help us to provide water and food to those most in need.

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