Development Projects

Salt of the Earth fund multiple life changing development projects in Tamil Nadu. Our partner organisations in India identify needs and implement change. Together, we have affected the lives of over a million people.

Women are the engine of change in the villages. SOTE have actively encouraged the formation of Womens Self Help Groups and over the years have helped to create many thousands of groups across Tamil Nadu. These groups enable women to have a voice, save money, support their communities and be the driving force of information and learning. Womens Self Help Groups create opportunities for women to support their families and feel a sense of community.

Water provided to villages by India’s authorities is contaminated and unreliable. Communities are regularly left without water for days at a time and populations suffer accordingly. Over the years, SOTE has helped to provide safe drinking water improving the livelihoods and health of thousands of communities.

Current projects are taking place within Tamil Nadu’s begging communities, creating job generation through small overseen business. Using the villagers’ skills of weaving, pottery and jewellery making, SOTE and our partner organisations are implementing training programmes that encourage sustainable self-sufficiency within communities. These programmes are creating sustainable incomes for families and empowering workers, transforming livelihoods.

We have recently funded the building of a three storey Regional Development Centre for MASARD, one of our partner organisations. This building has considerably advanced the reputation and standing of MASARD in the local community.   

SOTE has funded the building of community centres, celebrated women and provided water to those in desperate need. We need your support to continue to improve the livelihoods of the rural poor.

SOTE Admin