Education Projects

Salt of the Earth fund multiple life changing development projects in Tamil Nadu. Our partner organisations in India identify needs and implement change. Together, we have affected the lives of over a million people.

SOTE is currently funding after school clubs, supporting students with homework and providing extracurricular English classes. Adult literacy classes are being conducted in villages, giving communities the opportunity to learn to read and write.

Women are being celebrated and educated on their rights. Experienced professionals have been visiting villages and empowering women, creating a safe place to ask questions, share stories and learn about health, first aid and women’s rights.

Through SOTE funding, buildings are renovated, and water facilities are provided in some of Tamil Nadu’s poorest schools. For families who cannot afford it, uniform, books and stationery are provided via the donations from our child sponsorship scheme. SOTE also provides teaching equipment to schools to enhance the learning of students and provides skills training programmes free of charge for students aged 16-18.  

Day care centres have been created to support families and provide care for the younger generation. Play mats, toys, equipment and products have continued to be provided through your donations.

Over the years SOTE has overseen the building of new schools, funded schools for the disabled and provided thousands with the opportunity to read, write and learn.

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