Fundraising ideas

Our work couldn’t happen without our amazing supporters who raise the money that funds it. We rely on our loyal supporters to raise money to support our work in India. 

From coffee mornings to running marathons, supporters across the UK are finding fun and creative ways to raise money for Salt of the Earth. Whether you fundraise on your own, in university or as a group in your community, we can support you as you raise money and awareness for Salt of the Earth. Let’s have fun when fundraising! 

What is a good way to fundraise? 

Sponsored activities are a great way to raise money, you can walk, cycle, swim, run, climb, or do something more adventurous such as skydive, go white water-rafting, or climb a mountain!  I will be fundraising later this year by giving up some creature comforts, I’m going to live on £1 a day, give up my bed, hot water and electricity – if you would like to join me in experiencing the levels of poverty that is the norm in the areas that we work, or would like to do some other sponsored activity, please get in touch.

Social events, hosting a party, BBQ, wine tasting or coffee morning, frock swap or speed dating, or even a raffle – we can help you get prizes – are popular among our supporters, and we can supply you with banners and our film if you would like to share our cause at the event.

Film nights, with home-made popcorn in a café or village hall, or at home, with a donation or entrance fee and introduced with the SOTE film is a great way to support us, especially as film in Tamil Nadu is one of the biggest in the global industry!

Quiz evenings, as a one-night or series of events are a fun way to get people involved, by charging a participation fee and get donated prizes – if you are hosting in a pub, the custom you are bringing often means that they will donate a bottle as the prize, again, we can supply you with banners.

Skill sharing, if you have a talent or skill, is an inspiring way to support us.  By offering your services in exchange for a small donation, for things such as a cookery or painting classes.

Dinner Parties but at a price, maybe Indian-style, with a mini-auction or raffle – if you don’t feel like much of a cook, you can always arrange a reduced set price at a restaurant then cost everyone an extra £10 or so.

Musical events are something people are used to paying for – if you know or are a musician, why not organise an event in a church, village hall or pub, and even include a raffle.

Jewellery sales are something we are happy to support you with, we bring back beautiful pieces from India and will be happy to supply you with merchandise for your friends and family to browse, a perfect accompaniment to a coffee morning or Indian dinner.

Dress down days are something you can do at work or at school – get your colleagues or school involved by asking them to pay to wear something different to work for the day.

To raise your sponsorship, we recommend setting up a page on EveryDayHero or download this sponsorship form.

Salt of the Earth have all the resources to support you with your event such as booklets, leaflets, and if we are free, a member of staff or a Trustee would love to come and talk at your event.

If you want to talk about fundraising for Salt of the Earth please call Emily Parish, Development Officer, on 0116 2766439 or email her at
We look forward to hearing from you.