Our work couldn’t happen without our committed supporters who raise the money that funds it. We rely on our loyal supporters to fundraise to support our work in India. From jewellery sales to running marathons, supporters across the UK are finding fun and creative ways to raise money for Salt of the Earth. Whether you fundraise on your own, in university or as a group in your community, we can support you as you raise money and awareness for Salt of the Earth. Let’s have fun when fundraising!

What is a good way to fundraise?

Sponsored activities are a great way to raise money. You can walk, cycle, swim, run, climb, skydive, go white water rafting, or climb a mountain! Some of our supporters have also taken part in sponsored ‘give-ups’ like no sugar or alcohol for a month, or sponsored weight losses. These are a great incentive among work friends and great for your health!

Quiz evenings, as a one-night or series of events are a fun way to get people involved by charging a participation fee and including raffle prizes, people can donate to the charity whilst having fun. We can provide banners and leaflets.

Raffles and hampers are a fantastic way to raise money and SOTE supporters have had many successes. Billie, an active supporter and volunteer purchases £50 worth of bubbly, fancy chocolates and cheeses each year as a contribution and sells tickets at our annual SOTE event. The luxury hamper usually raises around £150. A great way to maximise donations.

Skill sharing is an inspiring way to support us, by offering your services in exchange for a small donation, for things such as a cookery or painting class. Musical events have also been successful in the past, donating the profits to SOTE or donating a percentage of ticket sales to us.

Dinner Parties with a small charge make a great way to enjoy good food and raise money at the same time. ‘Bring a dish’ parties amongst friends with a £5-£10 entry fee in return for sharing your dish and eating everyone else’s food is a fun way to earn. Supporters have arranged reduced set price’s at a restaurants for groups, charged £10 a head and donated proceeds to SOTE. Raffles go down great at restaurant events! SOTE’s annual Chef and Spice Restaurant event is a huge hit, raising over £1,500 last year!

Jewellery sales on their own or alongside events are a unique way to raise money for us. We bring back beautiful and authentic pieces from India and will be happy to supply you with merchandise for your friends and family to browse.

Dress down days are something you can do at work or at school – get your colleagues or school involved by asking them to pay to wear something different to work for the day. Charging £1 per child at schools is a great way to raise money for SOTE and teach children about the schools in India and their livelihoods. We could even match your school with a school in India and send you photos and information about it.

If you wish to talk about fundraising, please contact us through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!


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