Medical Check up for an Elder

Medical Check up for an Elder


This gift will pay for an elder to have a full medical check up and also receive a thick blanket for the monsoon season.

This activity forms part of Salt of the Earth’s health intervention work to ensure that the elderly population are not excluded from healthcare check-ups.

In the communities our partners work with in Tamil Nadu, elders who live alone or far from family members can quickly become isolated and excluded from access to healthcare. It is important that the elderly members of the community receive regular medical check ups so that any medical problems they may have can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Your gift will fund a health check for one elder in Tamil Nadu. This visit will be performed by our partner’s healthcare team as part of their village health camps, which targets the most isolated rural villages. This will involve cancer screening, diabetes screening and blood pressure checks. These checks allow our partner to refer any elders who are diagnosed for further treatment.

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