Gift of Trees (10 trees)

Gift of Trees (10 trees)


This gift will contribute to the work of our partner’s tree planting project in Tamil Nadu which protects the environment and also increases nutritional security.

Salt of the Earth are extremely passionate about promoting environmental best practice and this gift forms part of out environmental preservation work in India.

Tress provide the greatest air filter on the planet, purifying the air we breathe through replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen and at the same time providing food, shelter and materials to support life on Earth. For many communities in Tamil Nadu, climate change presents a threat to their very existence.

The growing of the casuarina tree will be promoted through the project. This will involve small and marginal farmers who will use the tress for timber and cooking. This project will also involve members of Women’s Self Help Groups who will focus on growing fruit trees in and around their homes. Through this, we are expecting to see an improved diet and increased food security in the communities we work with there.

The simple act of planting trees, your gift, offers a natural defence against drought and floods, enriches the soil, safeguards natural habitats and provides a safer future for local communities.

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