Centre for Action and Resource Foundation (CARE)

The CARE Foundation started their work in 2012 in Chengalpattu in Tamil Nadu. They work with women, men and children from the Londor community - a begging community originating from Andhra Pradesh . People in this community suffer from a number of issues including violence, child marriage and alcohol abuse.
Working together to run a holistic child sponsorship scheme, Salt of the Earth and the CARE Foundation will enable every child to go to school. In addition, there will be health and alcohol awareness classes to educate parents on the impact of their decisions and actions. CARE Foundation will also be providing two ‘CARE Mothers’ to work with the children to educate and help them with basic health and sanitation. They will make sure the children can look after themselves and get to school, clean, healthy and with the best chance of receiving a good education. 
Salt of the Earth, and the CARE Foundation, are looking at the possibility of developing an income-generating project to help break the cycle of begging.

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