SOTE Appeal - Rural Development Centre

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SOTE Appeal - Rural Development Centre

Salt of the Earth strongly believes in strengthening the capacity of the project partners in India and together, SOTE and MASARD want to build a Rural Development Centre (RDC). The RDC will be built in a strategically located place for MASARD to be closer to the community they serve in Hosur in Tamil Nadu.

MASARD’s main office based in Bangalore is 60km from their cluster of project villages. Transport costs and travel time from the main office is a huge problem that MASARD wanted to address. The current field office is difficult to access and lacks both public transport links and electricity and during the rainy season, the Ponnaiar river overflows leaving it impossible to cross. This adds a further 13km for MASARD staff when they need to visit project villages and so the proposed RDC would make a huge difference. It would be in Kamandoddi which is centrally located within the 15 project villages. This great location would allow MASARD to save time, money, and allow them to deliver even more project work!

So, what would this centre allow MASARD to do? The centre will allow us to be able to expand the number of projects we do together, allow a smoother delivery of projects and allow for effective project administration, reporting, and monitoring and evaluation. All of which can all be done under one roof.

As well as saving time and money, MASARD will be able to deliver the following activities: child counselling, medical services, after-school tuition classes, employment training programmes, self-help group meetings, adolescent girls training, and awareness programmes. It is estimated that around 10,000 people a year will benefit from MASARD’s RDC and activities.

But for the RDC centre to be built, we need your support! Any additional donations that SOTE receives from December to January will be used to fund the construction of this centre.

You can get involved by donating here.

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