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Community Development Centre

Currently CARE are working to establish their first community development centre (CDC) that will serve families from the begging communities CARE work with. 

The CDC aims to provide a safe space for children to study and play outside of school hours; they will be able to get hot meals, be looked after by social workers and receive additional tuition. The CDC will eventually be a space that can be used by women in the community as a part of CARE’s upcoming alternative income programmes, due to start in 2018. At the weekends the CDC centre will put on cultural and sports programmes for children to prevent them from roaming the streets unsupervised or accompanying their parents begging.

In addition to the numerous benefits to the begging communities, the CDC centre will employ 4 women from disadvantaged backgrounds (i.e. differently abled, widowed and rural poor). 

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Safe Cooking Stoves

Following a wonderful trip to visit Salt of the Earth partners CRUSADE, CARE learnt of Greenway stoves technology and bought one to test in their communities. Greenway stoves is a single-burner, high efficiency cooking stove that works on all solid biomass such as wood, dung, crop waste, and bamboo.

Greenway stoves are ‘clean cookstoves’, which allow those cooking on open fires to switch to a safer and faster method that reduces fuel consumption and produces far less smoke. CARE demonstrated the stove amongst the women in the communities and have introduced a payment plan for families wishing to buy a stove. 

Over 30 families opted to purchase a stove for CARE and should receive them before the coming rainy season, thus allowing women to safely cook inside their homes. 

SOTE offer cooking stoves as part of our ethical gift scheme. If you would like to buy a cooking stove for a family in India, please visit our ethical gift page here.  

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