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Creating Access to Safe Drinking Water

MASARD have set up a water purification plant to provide safe drinking water for communities living in rural poverty. They dug a new borewell and constructed a shed to install the plant. The plant is now functioning well and MASARD are providing safe drinking water to local villages. The waste water which is the by-product of water purification plants now irrigates a banana cultivation which benefits MASARD’s supported children. 

The inauguration of the water purification plant was attended by all of SOTE’s sponsored children and was inaugurated in August when SOTE’s Chief Executive Officer, Reena, was visiting them.  

Reena said “Clean water is a basic need and so important for health and wellbeing. Due to the loyal support of a UK donor we were able to set up this project and I have no doubt of the difference it will make to thousands of people. It was wonderful to be part of the celebration and see people eagerly waiting to fill their water cans to take back to their homes”.

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Creating Access to Livelihoods 

Over the summer, MASARD provided sustainable livelihoods to five families who were living in rural poverty. They bought two goats for selected families so that they could use them for milk and eventually sell the offspring to generate an income. These goats are expected to provide a litter every six months and each time produce more than one baby goat. 

Another important programme MASARD delivered was a skills workshop for traditional potters. In the villages that MASARD work in there are a large amount of potter families and pottery has been passed down through the generations. However, pottery in India has moved away from traditional methods leaving these potters without access to the market and an income.

To build capacity of local potters, MASARD organised training on modern pottery which conducted by two experts from Bangalore and 50 local potters participated in this workshop. They brought two motorised pottery wheels to show the local potters and taught them not only how to make pots but also various other clay items such as jewellery. In the future, MASARD also plans to send more potters for specialised training in Bangalore.

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