Introducing our new Development Officer

Lena in India.jpg

Hello Supporters, my name is Lena. I am Murray’s Granddaughter and the newly appointed Development Officer for SOTE. I am delighted to be taking over the role from Emily and am excited to be in a position where I can support the running of the charity.

I have grown up watching the wonderful work of SOTE and its partner organisations in India. I visited Tamil Nadu in 2016, aged 18 and have forever been changed by my experiences. In a world that often appeared selfish and cruel, being welcomed by people who were kind-hearted reminded me of what it meant to be human. My trip to India changed the way I appreciated everyday things and solidified the importance of helping others. Having seen the huge changes being made, I feel It is important for me to take a more direct role in the charity my Grandfather started over 30 years ago.

Since visiting India, I have travelled, worked abroad and gained experience in administration, marketing and supporting vulnerable people. I have a passion for creative writing and am looking forward to writing a regular blog on our website. If you can spare a few minutes, please read the updates on our projects and share the posts, It’s a huge help in spreading the word about the work SOTE is doing.

From seeing the amazing work SOTE and it’s partners do and watching the charity grow to the success it is today, I can absolutely tell you that the donations you generously make directly support those in desperate need. During my visit, I felt at times overwhelmed at the success of the projects being implemented and was humbled to witness first-hand the impact your donations have had on some of India’s most vulnerable communities.

Thank you for your continued support and faith in the work that Salt of the Earth and its partners do. If I can assist in any way, please email me