Restoring Vision

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According to the World Health Organization 80% of visual impairment is either preventable or curable with treatment. Our partners CRUSADE have been conducting eye camps in our project villages, screening the elderly population for signs of cataract or uncorrected refractive errors.

Preliminary vision tests are performed in the villages by optometrists using vision charts, in conjunction with renowned Agarwal Eye Hospital, Chennai. Cataract removals are offered free of cost by the hospital and spectacles are provided at nominal cost by CRUSADE for patients with refractive errors.

In the past year, SOTE donations have made it possible for our partners to set up nine eye camps in the villages we support, screening 598 people. 71 patients underwent operations for the removal of cataracts and IOL implantation and 187 were provided with spectacles.

Surgeries such as these happen in the UK on a daily basis, but in India where many cannot afford a trip to the hospital or provide documents to become a patient, these surgeries are transforming the lives of hundreds.

Your donations are changing lives. Read more about our current projects here.

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